Crayfishing tour

Crayfishing tour



In the evening we take the rowing boat and put the crayfish cages in the lake. In the morning the day after we bring the cages up again. Every single crayfish is inspected so it keeps the right length and thus is allowed to take. The smaller ones will we put back in the lake.


After that, it is time to boil the harvest using grandma Ingegerd's well used recipe. To get the real taste, the crayfish should then lie in their salty water for 24 hours, but you can eat them the same evening if you just can't wait...


Do you want to try?

You choose which parts in the fishing you want to join. The price includes 1 kg crayfish (about 20 crayfish).

How much time does each moment take?

Put crayfish cages in the lake: Around 1 hour

Bring the cages back: Around 2 hours

Boil the crayfish: Around one hour


The rowing boat can take 3-4 adults at a time. Be sure you use clothes that suits the weather! Life wests are available for both adults and children.

Price: 1900 sek/group including 1 kg boiled crayfish. If we have, you can buy more crayfish for the seasonal price.


This tour is available during August and September since that is the time when it is allowed to fish crayfish in Lake Västra Lägern.


Do you want to have more information? Please, contact us!

¤ Last updated: 4th of September 2017 ¤