Good stuff to bring

Good stuff to bring!


Toilet paper, washing-up detergents and similar consumer goods are included in the rent. Here are some things that may be good to bring though:

  • Sheets and towels
  • Hand towels to the kitchen and the outside lavatory
  • Swim wear
  • Charcoal if you want to barbecue (there is an electric lighter available, so there is no need for fire-lighting fluids)
  • Spices (salt and peppar are available)
  • Torches
  • Flipflops could be good to have
  • Rainwear and rubber boots make everything so much more funny if it's raining
  • Fishing tools if you want to fish
  • Basket and buckets for fungi and berries if you like to use the natural food storage when it's season for that
  • Cash (closest ATM is 20 km away)

¤ Last updated: 4th of September 2017 ¤