The gold of Blixtorp


We have thousands and thousands of bees that work all summer to collect nectar and transform it into honey.

Do you want to buy honey?

The farmprice 2018 is:

40 sek/jar (approx. 200 g)


55 sek/jar (approx. 350 g)


70 sek/jar (approx. 500 g) or 130 sek for two


95 sek/jar (approx. 700 g)



When selling at other places prices might vary.



Liquid honey


When the honey is extracted and wax and other particles are strained off, we pour the liquid honey on jars and put them in the freezer. Since we do that, the process where chrystals are formed will stop.In the freezer the honey will keep its consistency for many years. When the honey comes out from the freezer it will be in liquid form for about a month or two before it starts to get more viscous and finally hard. The taste is still good even if it is hardened. If you want the honey in liquid form again, you can heat it up. Good to know is though that when you do that, many of the healthy enzymes found in honey will disappear. The liquid honey that you normally buy in stores is treated with heat. Liquid honey is delicious on berries, in tea and on sandwiches!


Important: Our liquid honey might have a higher water content than the ordinary honey we sell since it is harvested earlier in the summer. It make no sense to the taste, but it might happen that it starts to ferment if you forget it in your larder for half a year or so!

Future plans!

We are planning to start to harvest pollen. Pollen is known as one of the most healthy stuff you can eat, since it's full of amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. Keep an eye on this web page or contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our plans!

¤ Last updated: 4th of September 2017 ¤